Ilha de Mozambique

About the situation in Ilha de Mozambique:
The special challenges for children in Mozambique are the high infant mortality, HIV, Malaria and orphans becoming street children.

About the project: Support for the street children of Ilha de Mozambique

The problem: Hundreds of children of Ilha de Mozambique are not sufficently supported by parents or relatives and lack basics like food, clothing, education and housing. Kids-unlimited-Trust supports the project by funding medication and babyfood as well as clothing on an ongoing basis. The house of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception in Ilha de Mozambique is open to all children and young people seeking admission. More than onehundred children are fed everyday. The sisters focus on the least advantaged children and try to help them survive with basic health support and education.

Our Partner: Hermanas Franciscanas de la Purisima Concepcion

The Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, a congregation that emerged with the encouragement of the Holy Spirit to meet the girls who had been orphaned due to the flooding of Murcia (Spain) by the river Segura, October 15th, 1879. A great woman, Paula Gil Cano, the Founder, sensitive to the urgent needs of the time, gave herself entirely to serving the poor and needy, first in Murcia, and later in various provinces of Spain. Now the congregation is present in three continents: Europe, America and Africa with a total of 57 communities.

As Francis of Assisi, the sisters choose to live in fraternity hospitality, simplicity, humility, minority, poverty, joy, being carriers of Peace and Good. Based on being Franciscan they respond to the most pressing needs of the world. The congregation is present in missions, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, shelters for children, care for immigrants, mentally ill, collaboration in parishes and youth ministry. About 5 to 10 sisters live and work in the congregation in Ilha de Mozambique and focus on the support of street children in the city and the district. With the support of the Marc-Blaser-Foundation the sisters built a hospital and maternity ward, and with additional support of Kids-unlimited-Trust foundation, they support street children in Ilha de Mozambique with food, medication, schooling and shelter.

For more information about the local partner Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception visit the website: (spanish language)