Orphanage Project project in Namibia

About the Orphanage Project
The problem: We believe that children ought to be in homes designed as the perfect place for the love and cultivation of a child. Ideally, a family provides nurture, love, attention, education, protection, identity, and a place where that child can be unconditionally accepted. However, when this is not a possibility because the child has no parents or relatives who will care for them, or when that home is abusive, there must be an alternative that is as close to being a home and a family as possible. We hope to make the Haven such a place.

The Omaruru Children Haven owns three lots in Omaruru, where two small buildings exist. With the support of Rotary International as main sponsor and financial contributions by Kids-Unlimited-Trust larger facilities were built to enable the Omaruru Children Haven to house 34 children, two housemothers, an office, and two bedrooms for volunteers and a manager, a large dining room, a kitchen, educational rooms, and living rooms. Additionally to this a yard was built which provides room for gardens, chickens, and other potentially educational activities. Now it is a home for 34 children who have HIV/AIDS, or were orphaned by AIDS, as well as for children at risk (street children, victims of abuse or neglect, or children with critically ill parents).

Our Partner: Omaruru Children Haven

The Haven was started originally in 2002 as a Catholic mission by Father Johannes Neudegger from Germany. He bought the houses that we are currently using, as well as appointing the housemothers, who are still caring for the children. Unfortunately, due to health problems, Father Johannes Neudegger had to return to Germany, at which point he handed the Haven over to Hartwig von Seydlitz, a local farmer and business man, and to Brunhilde Rose, a woman who came to Namibia from Germany to work with the poor. Together they established the committee, and began improving the living conditions and situation of the children there. The Purpose of the Omaruru Children’s Haven is to provide care, maintenance and safe accommodation to orphans and/or vulnerable children and further to protect their rights.

For more information about the local partner Omaruru Children Haven visit the website: (german language)